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Friday, April 29, 2011

Global Gypsum Report for 2011

Events, Trends, and Issues:

U.S. gypsum production declined as the housing and construction markets continued to falter, with apparent consumption decreasing by about 8% compared with that of 2009. China, the world’s leading producer, produced approximately five times the amount produced in the United States, the world’s fourth ranked producer. Iran ranked second in world production and supplied much of the gypsum needed for construction in the Middle East. Spain, the leading European producer, ranked third in the world, and supplied both crude gypsum and gypsum products to much of Western Europe. An increased use of wallboard in Asia, coupled with new gypsum product plants, spurred increased production in that region. As more cultures recognize the economy and efficiency of wallboard use, worldwide production of gypsum is expected to increase.

Demand for gypsum depends principally on the strength of the construction industry—particularly in the United States, where about 95% of the gypsum consumed is used for building plasters, the manufacture of portland cement, and wallboard products. The construction of wallboard plants designed to use synthetic gypsum as feedstock will result in less use of natural gypsum as these new plants become operational. Imports decreased by approximately 21% compared with those of 2009. Exports, although very low compared with imports, more than doubled.

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