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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marino\WARE Receives SSMA Non-Structural Certification

( South Plainfield, NJ): Marino\WARE®, a division of Ware Industries, Inc. announced today that they have achieved third party Code Compliance Certification to the 2009 IBC Building code. This certification is for BOTH structural and non structural products per the Steel Stud Manufacturers Association (SSMA) Code Compliance Certification Program requirements. This includes structural stud and track, and the ViperStud® Drywall Framing System family of products. CEO Chip Gardner said, “We wanted to be first to demonstrate to customers that Viper remains at the forefront of compliance while keeping quality as its core value. Viper is relatively unchanged from its conception, and remains standing strong among its competitors."

Marino\WARE® achieved Code Compliance Certification in 2009 for structural products and just recently completed the process for the new SSMA Non Structural Code Compliance Program. Technical information, test data and calculations were submitted to Architectural Testing, Inc. (ATI), and were thoroughly vetted to make sure that the ViperStud® Drywall Framing System met the very stringent requirements of the SSMA Non Structural Program. The new SSMA program requires EQ studs to meet minimum bending moment, screw penetration and screw capacity minimums. The SSMA and SFIA code compliance programs also mandate that all non structural products be tested in the exact same way for composite limiting heights. All of this was accomplished and withstood a withering third party analysis from ATI.

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